Current Membership

Board of Directors

Chair: Scott Batten
Vice Chair: Lorna English
Public Relations: Christopher Newhook
Manager of The Rookery: Wanda Careen
20th Anniversary Coordinator: Malary McGrath
Directors: Hilda Dohey and Cathy Martin
Ex-Officio (Cape St. Mary
s Ecological Reserve): Chris Mooney and Edna White

Become a Member
Individual Membership: A one year membership entitles individuals to voting privileges for the current year.

Family Membership: Granted to each person over the age of fourteen (14) in a family group who wishes to become an individual member. Each individual in the family is entitled to one vote.

Corporate and Associative Membership: This membership entitles an individual representing a corporation or association with one year of membership with no voting privileges.

Membership Fees

 Member  Fee ($)
 Individual  20
 Student (any person enrolled as a full time student)  10
 Seniors (persons over 60 years of age)  10
 Family (immediate family, parents/guardians and children)  40
 Corporation and Associations  100