The Friends of Cape St. Mary’s is a non-profit organisation comprised of individuals who are engaged in sharing the colourful and diverse elements of the Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve. The efforts of members help to ensure that Cape St. Mary’s remains a place that inspires those who visit to learn about the myriad interconnections that define the plants, wildlife, and rocks that characterise this unique part of Newfoundland and Labrador. Friends of Cape St. Mary’s is committed to promoting the ecological and geological aspects of the Cape in addition to its rich culture.

Thus, Friends of Cape St. Mary’s helps to support events such as the Cape St. Mary’s Performance Series. They also host the Gannet Festival during July, Seniors Day events, and Canada Day. The group also operates The Rookery Nature Store which offers visitors a selection of gifts, books, and other sundries that will help enhance their visit!

Check out our Events section for the latest happenings at Cape St. Mary's. The 2016 season promises to be an exciting one!
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